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bkr-system-create - Man Page

Create a system


bkr system-create [options] <fqdn> ..


Creates a Beaker system. By default the new system is owned by the user who created it.


--lab-controller <fqdn>

Attaches the lab controller specified by <fqdn> to the system.

--arch <arch>

Architecture supported by the system. This option can be specified multiple times to add more than one architecture supported by the system.

--location <location>

Physical location of the system.

--power-type <power-type>

Remote power control type. This value must be a valid power type configured by the Beaker administrator (or one of the Beaker defaults).

--power-address <power-address>

Address passed to the power control script.

--power-user <power-user>

Username passed to the power control script.

--power-password <power-password>

Password passed to the power control script.

--power-id <power-id>

Unique identifier passed to the power control script. The meaning of the power ID depends on which power type is selected. Typically this field identifies a particular plug, socket, port, or virtual guest name.

--power-quiescent-period <seconds>

Quiescent period for power control. Beaker will delay at least this long between consecutive power commands.

--release-action <release-action>

Action to take whenever a reservation for this system is returned: PowerOff, LeaveOn, ReProvision.

--reprovision-distro-tree <id>

Distro tree to be installed when the release action is ReProvision.

--condition <condition>

Ccondition of the system. Valid values are Automated, Manual, Broken, and Removed.

--host-hypervisor <type>

Type of hypervisor which this system is hosted on.

For systems which are virtualized, this field indicates which virtualization technology is used by the host. An empty value indicates that the system is bare metal (not a virtual guest).

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Create a system called "beakertestsystem":

bkr system-create beakertestsystem

See Also



The Beaker team <beaker-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>

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