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bkr-job-submit - Man Page

Submit job XML to Beaker


bkr job-submit [options]
[--debug] [--convert] [--combine] [--ignore-missing-tasks]
[--dry-run | --wait]


Reads Beaker job XML descriptions and submits them to Beaker.

Specify one or more filenames containing job XML to be submitted. If multiple filenames are given, each one is submitted as a separate job. If no filenames are given, job XML is read from stdin. The special filename '-' also reads from stdin.



Legacy option, replaced by '--xml'


Print the job XML before submitting it.


Attempt to convert legacy RHTS XML to Beaker XML. Use this with --xml and --dry-run to grab the converted XML without submitting it.


If more than one job XML argument is given, the recipe sets from each job are extracted and combined into a single job before submission.


If the job refers to tasks which are not known to the scheduler, silently discard these from the recipe. Normally this is a fatal error which prevents submission of the job.


Do not submit the job(s) to Beaker. Use this with --xml to see what would be submitted.


Watch the newly submitted jobs for state changes and print them to stdout. The command will not exit until all submitted jobs have finished. See bkr-job-watch(1).

--job-owner <username>

Submit the job on behalf of <username>. The submitted job will be owned by <username> rather than the submitting user.

The existing user attribute in the job XML will be overridden if set.

The submitting user must be a submission delegate of <username>. Users can add other users as submission delegates on their Preferences page in Beaker's web UI.

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

1 if any jobs failed submission or execution, otherwise zero.


Submit a job and watch its progress on stdout:

bkr job-submit --wait my-beaker-job.xml

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The Beaker team <beaker-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>

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