bkr-job-modify - Man Page

Modify Beaker jobs


bkr job-modify [options] <taskspec>
[--response <response>] [--retention-tag <retention_tag>]
[--product <product>] [--priority <priority>]


Specify one or more <taskspec> arguments to be modified.

The <taskspec> arguments follow the same format as in other bkr subcommands (for example, J:1234). See Specifying tasks in bkr(1).


--response <response>

Sets the response type of the job. Can be either 'ack' or 'nak'.

--retention-tag <retention_tag>

Sets the retention tag of a job. Must coincide with correct product value. Please refer to the job page to see a list of available retention tags.

--product <product>

Sets the product of a job. Must co-incide with correct retention tag value. Please refer to the job page to see a list of available products.

--priority <priority>

Sets the priority. Recipe sets with higher priority are scheduled sooner by Beaker's scheduler. Only permitted for recipe sets and jobs which are queued. Valid priorities are: Low, Medium, Normal, High, Urgent.

--whiteboard <whiteboard>

Sets the whiteboard of a job or recipe. The whiteboard is a free-form string to describe the job or recipe.

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Set a recipe set to 'ack':

bkr job-modify RS:1 --response ack

Set multiple jobs to be 'nak':

bkr job-modify J:1 J:2 --response nak

Set a job's retention tag of 60days:

bkr job-modify J:1 --retention-tag 60days

Set a job's product to validproduct and the audit retention tag:

bkr job-modify J:1 --product validproduct --retention-tag audit

Unset a job's product and change to the scratch retention tag:

bkr job-modify J:1 --retention-tag scratch --product=

Set a job's priority to 'High' which will apply to all the recipe sets in the job:

bkr job-modify J:1 --priority High

Set a recipe set's priority to 'High':

bkr job-modify RS:1 --priority High

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