bkr-job-list - Man Page

List Beaker jobs


bkr job-list [options]
[--family <family>] [--tag <tag>] [--product <cpeid>] [--completeDays <days>]


Prints to stdout a list of matching Beaker jobs.


--family <family>

Limit to jobs which ran with distro belonging to <family>, for example RedHatEnterpriseLinuxServer5.

--completeDays <days>

Limit to jobs which finished at least <days> ago.

--tag <tag>

Limit to jobs which have retention tag <tag>, for example scratch.

--product <cpeid>

Limit to jobs which were testing the product identified by <cpeid>.

--owner <username>

Limit to jobs which are owned by the user identified by <username>.

--whiteboard <string>

Limit to jobs whose whiteboard contains <string>.


Presence of --mine is equivalent to including own username in --owner

--limit <number>

Limit to displaying only the first <number> of results

--min-id id

Query jobs with a minium Job ID of id

--max-id id

Query jobs with a max Job ID of id


Limit to jobs which are finished (Completed, Aborted, or Cancelled). A finished job has reached its final state and will not change in future.


Limit to jobs which are not finished.

--format <format>

Display results in the given format, either list or json. The list` format lists one job ID per line and is useful to be fed as input to other command line utilities. The default format is json, which returns the job IDs as a JSON array and is compact. This is useful for quick human observation.

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


List all scratch jobs which finished 30 or more days ago:

bkr job-list --tag scratch --completeDays 30

List all scratch jobs with IDs between 10-100:

bkr job-list --tag=scratch --min-id=10 --max-id=100

List all scratch jobs with min ID of 10:

bkr job-list --tag=scratch --min-id=10

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The Beaker team <beaker-devel@lists.fedorahosted.org>

Referenced By

bkr(1), bkr-job-delete(1).

Feb 11, 2024 29.1 Beaker