bkr-job-delete - Man Page

Delete Beaker jobs


Delete specific jobs:

bkr job-delete [options] [--dryrun] <taskspec>...

Delete by criteria:

bkr job-delete [options] [--dryrun]
[--family <family>] [--tag <tag>] [--product <cpeid>] [--completeDays <days>]


Specify one or more <taskspec> arguments to be deleted.

The <taskspec> arguments follow the same format as in other bkr subcommands (for example, J:1234). See Specifying tasks in bkr(1).

Only jobs may be deleted.


This command accepts the same options for selecting jobs as bkr job-list does. See the Options section of bkr-job-list(1).


Do not perform any deletions.

--family <family>

Delete jobs which ran with distro belonging to <family>, for example RedHatEnterpriseLinuxServer5.

--completeDays <days>

Delete jobs which finished at least <days> ago.

--tag <tag>

Delete jobs which have retention tag <tag>, for example scratch.

--product <cpeid>

Delete jobs which were testing the product identified by <cpeid>.

Common bkr options are described in the Options section of bkr(1).

Exit Status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Delete all scratch jobs which finished 30 or more days ago:

bkr job-delete --tag scratch --completeDays 30

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