bitcoin-util - Man Page

manual page for bitcoin-util v26.0.0


bitcoin-util [options] [commands]  Do stuff


Bitcoin Core bitcoin-util utility version v26.0.0


Print this help message and exit
Print version and exit

Debugging/Testing options:

Chain selection options:


Use the chain <chain> (default: main). Allowed values: main, test, signet, regtest


Use the signet chain. Equivalent to -chain=signet. Note that the network is defined by the -signetchallenge parameter


Blocks must satisfy the given script to be considered valid (only for signet networks; defaults to the global default signet test network challenge)


Specify a seed node for the signet network, in the hostname[:port] format, e.g. (may be used multiple times to specify multiple seed nodes; defaults to the global default signet test network seed node(s))


Use the test chain. Equivalent to -chain=test.



Perform proof of work on hex header string


November 2023 bitcoin-util v26.0.0