biosig2gdf - Man Page


biosig2gdf — converts different biomedical signal file formats
    into a simplified version of GDF, and can stream the result
    to stdout. This is useful for reading the data by an unnamed
    pipe into different programming environment, while a
    simplified parser can be used to decode the data.
    The conversion performs a conversion to GDFv3 format,
    where all channels have the same data type and the same
    sampling rate.


biosig2gdf [OPTIONS]  SOURCE  [DEST]


SOURCE is the source file
DEST is the destination file
Supported OPTIONS are:
-v, --version
prints version information
-h, --help
prints this information
-z compress data using gzip
-z=#, compress data with level #
#=0 no compression; #=9 best compression


Alois Schloegl

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