bigloo - Man Page

`a practical Scheme compiler'


bigloo [ options ] [ input ]


Bigloo is a Scheme compiler. Scheme is defined in an IEEE standard for the Scheme Programming Language but Bigloo does not entirely conform to it. The compiler produces either C files or Java class files. The C files are then compiled by any ISO C compiler to produce .o or executable files. Bigloo is a module compiler which means that it is allowed to compile several files and to link them together to produce an unique executable.



Many options are available. Type `bigloo -help' to print them.


Produces Java class files instead of C files. This option has to be used when compiling and when linking.


Disable jar file production when linking with -jvm.


If an input file is provided, Bigloo compiles it. Otherwise the interpreter is entered. Input must be a recognized Scheme source file name (i.e. a file name with a recognized suffix (see -suffix option)).

Configuration File

Each Bigloo's user can use a special configuration file. This file must be named `~/.bigloorc'. This file makes it possible to modify the  behaviour of the compiler. This file is a regular Scheme file which contains expressions bound in an environment where compiler parameters are bound.  See the documentation for details.

Environment Variables


Set the environment size (in megabytes). The default value is 4.


Set the temporary directory. The default value is `/tmp'.


The path to find the Bigloo's library.


Java Virtual Machine options when running Bigloo a application.


/.../lib/bigloo/2.3a/bigloo.heap -- saved heap image for the compiler.
/.../lib/bigloo/2.3a/bigloo.jheap -- saved heap image for the compiler for  -jvm compiations.
/.../lib/bigloo/2.3a/bigloo.h -- definitions which are #include'd in the C code.
/.../lib/bigloo/2.3a/libbigloo.a -- library.
/.../lib/bigloo/2.3a/libbigloo_u.a -- library.
~/.bigloorc -- user `runtime-command' configuration file.
/.../.bigloorc -- idem.

See Also

bglafile(1), bgljfile(1), bgldepend(1), bglmake(1), bglpp(1), bglprof(1), bgltags(1), bglmco(1), gcc(1), camloo(1), cigloo(1), jigloo(1).



Referenced By

bglafile(1), bgldepend(1), bgljfile(1), bglmake(1), bglmco(1), bglpp(1), bglprof(1), bgltags(1).

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