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bicon — a bidirectional console


bicon [isocode] [command [arguments...]]


Bicon is a console program that supports bidirectional text display, for languages like Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.

bicon uses bicon.bin(1) to do the real bidi/joining conversion after loading a suitable keymap and font.

While using bicon you can switch between Arabic and English, or between Persian and English, using the Alt-Shift key combination.


The two letter ISO country code, in small letters. If left empty, the derived value from the LANG variable is used instead.
is executed by bicon after it loads. If omitted, bicon uses the current SHELL , or /bin/sh if SHELL is undefined.
are passed to the command to run.


The following environment variables are utilized by bicon :

If the variable SHELL exists, the shell forked by bicon will be that shell. If SHELL is not set, the Bourne shell is assumed. (Most shells set this variable automatically).
If isocode is not passed to bicon , it will examine LANG to determine the desired language.
Variable TERM is examined in case to determine how to set the keymap and font. Recognized values are linux and xterm currently.
If the value of TERM is xterm, then DISPLAY is examined by bicon to find the X server to contant to load the keymap.

See Also

bicon.bin(1), unicode_start(1), unicode_stop(1), loadkeys(1), dumpkeys(1), kbd_mode(1), setfont(8), setxkbmap(1), xkbcomp(1).


This manual page was written by Muhammad Alkarouri, of the Arabeyes project.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs at http://bugs.arabeyes.org/cgi-bin/bugzil….

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March 28, 2004