bibus man page

bibus — Bibus is a bibliographic database


The bibus command does not take any arguments or options at the moment.

bibus is a bibliographic database compatible with two database engines:
- MySQL <http://www.mysql.com/>
- SQLite <http://www.sqlite.org/>.
It features
* hierarchical organization of the references with user defined keys
* multiuser-environment design (share databases between many users)
* a search engine supporting live queries
* on-line PubMed and eTBLAST access
* OpenOffice.org connectivity: You can
- insert references in an opened OpenOffice.org text document
- format the bibliography directly in Bibus
- format the citations in Bibus.
* foreign language support through unicode and gettext
* import of PubMed (Medline), EndNote/Refer, RIS and BibTeX records.

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bibus was written by Pierre Martineau <pmartino@users.sourceforge.net>

This manual page was written by Pierre Martineau <pmartino@users.sourceforge.net> and updated by Jan Beyer <jan@beathovn.de> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


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