bglpp man page

bglpp — a Scheme Pretty Printer


bglpp [ options ] sourcefile


bglpp reads sourcefile one at a time and pretty print them. Normally bglpp output its result on the standard output device.


-o <file>
Output files to file.
Don't output any Scheme comments.
Translate identifiers to upper case.
Translate identifiers to lower case.
Set output device column width.


To pretty print the file “foo.scm” translating identifier to lower case, for an output device with 50 columns:

“bglpp foo.scm -w50 -lower”.

See Also

bigloo(1), indent(1), cb(1)


Manuel SERRANO, Manuel.Serrano@inria.fr

Referenced By

bglafile(1), bgldepend(1), bgljfile(1), bigloo(1).

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Aug 15 1998