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bglafile - Man Page

a Module Access File Generator


bglafile [ options ] file ...


Bglafile is a Module Access File generator. It produces file that suits Bigloo option -afile. A Module Access File is a scheme list. Each elements of that list is a list of at least two elements: a module name, the file that implements that module. For BEE (the Bigloo Integrated Development  Environment) to be able to retrieve files from module names, it is mandatory that the first parentheses of the global list is left alone on one line.



Is an file implementing a module. Bglafile reads that file to discover the name of the implemented module.


Verbose mode

-o <file>

Print Module Access File into file. The default is to print the list on the standard output device.

-suffix <suf>

Adds suf to the bglafile source file suffixes list. Default  suffixes are "scm", "sch" and "bgl".


If the three files exists and contain legal Bigloo module clause, then:

  $ bglafile foo.scm bar.scm gee.scm

could print out a list like:

;; foo

;; Tue Aug  15 12:17:24 1998


 (foo "foo.scm")

 (bar "bar.scm")

 (gee "gee.scm")


See Also

bigloo(1), bgldepend(1), bglmake(1), bglpp(1), bglprof(1), bgltags(1)


Manuel SERRANO, Manuel.Serrano@inria.fr

Referenced By

bgldepend(1), bglmake(1), bglmco(1), bgltags(1), bigloo(1).

Aug 15 1998