bfuse man page

bfuse — Create a FUSE filesystem out of BlackBerry databases.


bfuse mountpoint [options]


bfuse connects to your BlackBerry and turns its databases into a mounted filesystem using the FUSE filesystem library.  As such, it has a few basic arguments, and a list of common options supported by FUSE.

The device will remain in Desktop mode for as long as bfuse runs.

For more information on FUSE options, see

Barry Options

-p pin

Specify the PIN of the device you want to mount.  Default is to mount all available devices.

-P password

Simplistic method to specify the device password on the command line.

Fuse Options

-o opt

FUSE mount options.


Display a command help summary.


Display version information, including Barry library, FUSE library, and kernel interface.


Enable debug output.  Implies '-f'.


Operate in the foreground.


Disable multi-threaded operation.


bfuse is part of the Barry project and was written Chris Frey, as was this manual page.

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August 17, 2009