bdep-help - Man Page

show help for a command or help topic


bdep help [command | topic]


Show the detailed help for command or help topic or a summary of available commands and topics if none was specified.

Common Options

The common options are summarized below with a more detailed description available in bdep-common-options(1).


Print essential underlying commands being executed.


Print all underlying commands being executed.


Run quietly, only printing error messages.

--verbose level

Set the diagnostics verbosity to level between 0 and 6.

--jobs|-j num

Number of jobs to perform in parallel.


Suppress progress indicators for long-lasting operations, such as network transfers, building, etc.

--bpkg path

The package manager program to be used for build configuration management.

--bpkg-option opt

Additional option to be passed to the package manager program.

--build path

The build program to be used to build packages.

--build-option opt

Additional option to be passed to the build program.

--curl path

The curl program to be used for network operations.

--curl-option opt

Additional option to be passed to the curl program.

--pager path

The pager program to be used to show long text.

--pager-option opt

Additional option to be passed to the pager program.

--options-file file

Read additional options from file.

--default-options dir

The directory to load additional default options files from.


Don't load default options files.

Default Options Files

See bdep-default-options-files(1) for an overview of the default options files. For the help command the following options files are searched for only in the predefined directories (home, system, etc) and, if found, loaded in the order listed:



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