bbl2bib - Man Page

convert thebibliography environment to a bib file

Synopsis [-d] [-u] [-o output] file



Send debugging output to stdout

-o output

Output file.  If this option is not used, the name for the  output file is formed by changing the extension to .bib


Do not clean URL fields.

Normally bbl2bib recognizes URL fields of the kind and their variants and converts them to DOI fields (see also biburl2doi(1) script).  The switch -u suppresses this cleanup.


The script tries to reconstruct a bib file from the corresponding thebibliography environment.  One can argue that this operation is akin to reconstructing a cow from the steak.  The way the script does it is searching for the entry in the MR database, and creating the corresponding BibTeX fields.

The script reads a TeX or Bbl file and extracts from it the thebibliography environment.  For each bibitem it creates a plain text bibliography entry, and then  tries to match it in the database.

Input File

We assume some structure of the input file:

  1. The bibliography is contained between the lines



  2. Each bibliography item starts from the line



   bbl2bib  -o - file.tex > result.bib
   bbl2bib  -o result.bib file.bbl
   bbl2bib  file.tex


Boris Veytsman