azove2 man page

azove — Another Zero-One Vertex Enumeration tool


azove [-c] [-r] [-e] FILE


Azove is a tool designed for counting (without explicit enumeration) and enumeration of 0/1 vertices. Given a polytope by a linear relaxation or facet description P = {x | Ax <= b}, all 0/1 points lying in P can be counted or enumerated. This is done by intersecting the polytope P with the unit-hypercube [0,1] d. The integral vertices (no fractional ones) of this intersection will be enumerated. If P is a 0/1 polytope, azove solves the vertex enumeration problem. In fact it can also solve the 0/1 knapsack problem and the 0/1 subset sum problem.

FILE is a file in the cddlib .ine format.

Statistics and timings are written to stderr. Output in cddlib .ext format is written to stdout.


Only count the number of 0/1 vertices [default: enumeration].
Generate random variables order for the BDDs [default: variable order given by input]. This may help in case of hard instances.
Exact arbitrary precision.


2.0 Azove User Commands