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axfer - Man Page

command-line sound recorder and player for sound devices and nodes supported by Linux sound subsystem (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, also known as ALSA).


axfer subcommand direction options

subcommand = transfer | list | version | help

direction = capture | playback

options = ( depends on subcommand )


The axfer is a command-line recorder and player to transfer audio data frame between sound devices/nodes and files/stdin/stdout.




Performs transmission of audio data frame. Its detail is described in axfer-transfer(1) manual.


Dumps lists of available sound devices and nodes. Its detail is described in axfer-list(1) manual.


Prints version of this application (as the same version as alsa-utils package).


Prints a short message about subcommands for users to enter this application.



Operates for capture transmission.


Operates for playback transmission.

Exit Status

EXIT_SUCCESS (0) if run time successfully finished, else EXIT_FAILURE (1).

Unit Test

This program has unit tests for internal implementation. Please refer to the manual of axfer-transfer for details.

Compatibility to Aplay

The axfer is designed to be compatible to aplay(1) as much as possible. In command line, executions of aplay/arecord files under $PATH runs axfer with compatibility mode if filesystem has symbolic link from the aplay/arecord to axfer.

$ ln -s aplay axfer
$ ln -s arecord axfer

A string to which arg[0] points

When args[0] in run time points to string ended with 'aplay', it has the same meaning of playback direction. When it points to string ended with 'arecord', it has the same meaning of capture direction.

Options acknowledged as list subcommand

Options of -l , --list-devices , -L , --list-pcms are acknowledged as list subcommand. Without them, the run time performs transfer subcommand.

Reporting Bugs

Report any bugs to mailing list of ALSA community <alsa-devel@alsa-project.org> where the development and maintenance is primarily done. Bug tracking service of alsa-utils repository on github.com is also available.

See Also

axfer-transfer(1), axfer-list(1), alsamixer(1), amixer(1)


Takashi Sakamoto <o-takashi@sakamocchi.jp>

Referenced By

axfer-list(1), axfer-transfer(1).

28 November 2018 alsa-utils