awesome-client - Man Page

awesome window manager remote execution


awesome-client [-h|--help] [command [command...]]


awesome-client is a remote command line interface to awesome. It communicates with awesome via D-Bus, allowing remote execution of Lua code.


awesome-client reads commands passed on the command line or from standard input and sends them via D-Bus to awesome. If rlwrap is installed, it will be used to provide a readline command line interface.

The awful.remote module has to be loaded if you want this command to work.


$ awesome-client 'return 1+1, "Hello, world"\
   double 2
   string "Hello, world"

# The following does not return anything on the command line,
# but will show a notification.
$ awesome-client '
> naughty = require("naughty")
> naughty.notify({
> title="CLI Notification",
> text="This is a notification sent from the command line!"})
> '

# Entering read-eval-print-loop mode
# This mode will send every line to awesome, exactly the same as passing
# multiple commands on the command line.
$ awesome-client
awesome# return 1+1
   double 2
awesome# return 1+1, "Hello, world"
   double 2
   string "Hello, world"

See Also

awesome(1) awesomerc(5)


Julien Danjou


Referenced By

awesome(1), awesomerc(5).