avocado-rest-client man page

avocado-rest-client ā€” REST client command line tool


avocado-rest-client [-h] [--hostname HOSTNAME] [--port PORT] [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]


Avocado is a modern test framework that is built on the experience accumulated with autotest (http://autotest.github.io).

avocado-rest-client is the name of the command line tool that interacts with avocado-server.

avocado-server (http://github.com/avocado-framework/avocado-server) is an HTTP server that provides an REST API for results job results and other features.

For more information about the Avocado project, please check its website: http://avocado-framework.github.io/


The following list of options are builtin, application level avocado-rest-client options. Most other options are implemented via plugins and will depend on them being loaded:

--hostname HOSTNAME  Hostname or IP address for the avocado server
--port PORT          Port where avocado server is listening on
--username USERNAME  Username to authenticate to avocado server
--password PASSWORD  Password to give to avocado server

Real use of avocado depends on running avocado subcommands. This the current list of subcommands:

server             inspects the server status and available functionality

To get usage instructions for a given subcommand, run it with --help. Example:

$ avocado-rest-client server --help

 -l, --list-brief     list all records briefly
 -s, --status         shows the avocado-server status


   system wide configuration file


If you find a bug, please report it over our github page as an issue.


Avocado is released under GPLv2 (explicit version) http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html. Even though most of the current code is licensed under a "and any later version" clause, some parts are specifically bound to the version 2 of the license and therefore that's the official license of the prject itself. For more details, please see the LICENSE file in the project source code directory.

More Information

For more information please check Avocado's project website, located at http://avocado-framework.github.io/. There you'll find links to online documentation, source code and community resources.


Avocado Development Team <avocado-devel@redhat.com>