auwave.1x - Man Page

demonstrates the use of waveforms


auwave [-audio servername]


auwave demonstrates the use of waveform elements.  The user can interactively select any waveform supported by the server and control its frequency and volume.  Additionally, the gain of the output device can be modified.

Auwave and the Athena Widget Set

auwave uses the X Toolkit Intrinsics and the Athena Widget Set. For more information, see the Athena Widget Set documentation.


In addition to the standard toolkit environment variables, the following environment variables are used by auwave:


This variable specifies the default audio server to contact if -audio is not specified on the command line.  If this variable is not set and the -audio is not specified on the command line, auwave will attempt to connect to the audio server running on the X Window System display.

See Also

nas(1), X(1)


Greg Renda, Network Computing Devices, Inc.

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