autobuildrequires - Man Page

Work out the BuildRequires of an RPM build automatically


  auto-br-rpmbuild -ba foo.spec

  auto-br [build-command ...]


Autobuildrequires analyzes an RPM package build to find out what BuildRequires lines it needs.

Instead of using rpmbuild, use this command:

 auto-br-rpmbuild -ba foo.spec

(all the usual rpmbuild flags are supported).  The command will build your package and then output a list of BuildRequires lines that it thinks your package needs.

If your build command is more complex and/or doesn't use rpmbuild, then use:

 auto-br [build-command ...]

For example:

 auto-br make

How It Works

The basic "magic" is a C LD_PRELOAD module, auto-buildrequires-preload.c, which intercepts some system calls to determine which files the build is looking at.  Those get logged to a simple text file.

The Perl analysis script,, runs afterwards on the logfile, and uses rpm to find out which packages those files belong to.  Those are printed out as the list of BuildRequires.

A shell script, auto-br, brings the whole thing together.

Exit Status

This program returns 0 if successful, or non-zero if there was an error.

See Also

rpmbuild(8), <>


Richard W.M. Jones <>

Referenced By

The man pages auto-br(1) and auto-br-rpmbuild(1) are aliases of autobuildrequires(1).

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