authvar - Man Page

handles authenticated variables for pesign


authvar-a-c-s-N {guid} -n name-v value | -f file⟩ [-t time] [-d directory] [-S nickname] [-i file] [-e file]


authvar is a command line utility for handling authenticated UEFI variables.


-a | --append

Append to variable

-c | --clear

Clear variable

-s | --set

set variable

-N ⟨{guid} | namespace⟩ | --namespace ⟨{guid} | namespace⟩

Variable is in namespace or {guid} (default: global)

Use -N help to list namespaces.

-n name | --name name

Variable name

-v value | --value value

Set or append value to variable

-f file | --valuefile file

Read value from file

-t time | --timestamp time

Timestamp for the variable (default: now)

-d directory | --certdir directory

Specify nss certificate database directory (default: /etc/pki/pesign)

-S nickname | --sign nickname

Sign variable with certificate nickname from the NSS database

-i file | --import file

Import variable from file

-e file | --export file

Export variable to file instead of setting it in firmware


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See Also

pesign(1), certutil(1)


Peter Jones

Referenced By

efisecdb(1), pesigcheck(1).

June 4, 2020