atomic-top man page

atomic-top — Run a top-like list of active container processes


atomic top [-h|--help] [-d][-o, --optional=[time, stime, ppid, uid, gid, user, group]][-n] [Containers to monitor]


Atomic top displays an interactive, top-like view of the processes running in active containers.

While in the interactive view, you can sort the columns of information by pressing a single character that correlates to the column header.  Any column that you can sort on will have a set of parentheses that surround a single character. For example, if you want to sort by the '(P)ID' column, simply press the 'p' key.

Like top, you can exit the interactive view and return to the command line, use the 'q' character key.


-h --help

Print usage statement


Define the interval in seconds on which you want to refresh the process information.  The interval should be an
 integer greater than 0.  The default interval is set to 1.


The number of iterations.  Must be greater than 0.

-o --optional

Add more fields of data to collect for each process.  The fields resemble fields commonly used by
 ps -o.  They currently are: [time, stime, ppid, uid, gid, user, group]

Specify one option per -o flag to include the fields.


Monitor processes with default fields.

atomic top

Monitor processes with default fields on a 5 second interval for 3 iterations

atomic top -d 5 -n 3

Monitor processes and add in the data for the parent PIDs and UID.

atomic top -o ppid -o uid


December 2015, Originally written by Brent Baude (bbaude at redhat dot com)

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