atomic-stop man page

atomic-stop — Execute container image stop method


atomic stop [--display] [-h|--help] container [ARG...]


atomic stop attempts to stop a running container, first reading the LABEL STOP field in the container IMAGE.

If the container image has a LABEL STOP instruction like the following:

LABEL STOP /usr/bin/docker kill -s HUP \${NAME}

atomic would execute this command before stopping the container.

atomic stop will set the following environment variables for use in the command:

If this field does not exist, atomic stop will just stop the container, if the container is running.

Any additional arguments will be appended to the command.



Display the container's stop options and environment variables populated into the stop command. The stop command will not execute if --display is specified. If --display is not specified the stop command will execute. -h --help
 Print usage statement


March 2015, Originally compiled by Daniel Walsh (dwalsh at redhat dot com)

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