atomic-pull man page

atomic-pull — fetch an image locally


atomic pull [-h|--help] [--storage=[ostree|docker]] [-t|--type atomic] IMAGE


atomic pull, will fetch a remote image and store it locally.

You can pull an image from a docker registry (like to your local docker daemon with atomic pull.

atomic pull

Use the --storage ostree option to store it into the OSTree repository. You can define a default storage type in /etc/atomic.conf with the key of default_storage.

IMAGE has the form SOURCE:IMAGE-NAME, where SOURCE can be one of specified then 'oci' is assumed.

An 'oci' image is fetched via Skopeo from a Docker registry.  These two commands are equivalent:

atomic pull etcd atomic pull oci:etcd

A 'docker' image is imported from the local Docker engine, thus not accessing the network.  It is equivalent to saving the image from docker (docker save IMAGE) and importing it into the OSTree repository:

atomic pull --storage ostree docker:fedora:latest

A 'dockertar' image works in a similar way to 'docker' images, except that the saved tarball is specified:

atomic pull --storage ostree dockertar:/path/to/the/image.tar

If the user is not privileged, the image will be stored in the user specific repository.

If you are pulling from an insecure registry, use the 'http' prefix. It tells Skopeo to not do TLS verification on the specified registry.

atomic pull --storage ostree http:REGISTRY/IMAGE:TAG

Images where the registry is not specified are supported when pulling to 'ostree'.  However, we recommend that you use a fully qualified name to refer unambiguously to the image.

If your /etc/containers/policy.json requires signature verification, the pulled image is verified prior to being made available to the local docker daemon. When interacting with a docker registry, Atomic uses the policy and YAML configuration files /etc/containers/ to determine:

If you use the --type atomic switch to interact with an atomic registry, Atomic will still use the policy to determine if verification is needed.  The signature itself will be obtained from the atomic registry. An example of pulling from an atomic registry could be:

atomic pull --type atomic my-atomic-registry:images/foobar


-h --help
Print usage statement
Define the credentials to use with the source registry.
Define the destination storage for the pulled image.
-t --type atomic
Define an alternate registry type.  The only valid option is atomic for when you want to take advantage of advanced atomic registry options.


April 2016, Originally compiled by Giuseppe Scrivano (gscrivan at redhat dot com)

Referenced By

atomic(1), atomic-install(1).

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