ascii85 - Man Page

encodes or decodes files using Ascii85 ruby library


ascii85 [Options] FILES


Ascii85 (also called "Base85") is a form of binary-to-text encoding, wich is mainly used in Adobe's PostScript and PDF format.

ascii85 is a command line utility, modeled after base64(1) from the GNU coreutils, can encode text files to Ascii85 or decode Ascii85 files to text, and then print the result to the standard output.

If no file is given on the command line, ascii85 reads from the standard input.


-w,  --wrap COLUMN

Wrap lines at COLUMN. Default is 80, use 0 for no wrapping

-d,  --decode

Decode the input

-h,  --help

Display a usage message and exit


Output version information


ascii85 has been developed by Johannes Holzfuß.

This manual page has been written for the Debian Project by Cédric Boutillier (but may used by others).