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ardour8 - Man Page

digital audio workstation


ardour [ Options ] [ SESSION-NAME ]


Ardour is a multichannel hard disk recorder (HDR) and digital audio workstation (DAW).


-a,  --no-announcements

Do not contact website for announcements

-A,  --actions

Print all possible menu action names

-b,  --bindings

Display all current key bindings

-B,  --bypass-plugins

Bypass all plugins in an existing session

-c,  --name <name>

Use a specific backend client name, default is ardour

-d,  --disable-plugins

Disable all plugins (safe mode)

-D,  --debug <options>

Set debug flags. Use "-D list" to see available options

-h,  --help

Print this message

-k,  --keybindings <file>

Path to the key bindings file to load

-m,  --menus file

Use "file" to define menus

-n,  --no-splash

Do not show splash screen

-N,  --new session-name

Create a new session from the command line

-O,  --no-hw-optimizations

Disable h/w specific optimizations

-P,  --no-connect-ports

Do not connect any ports at startup

-S,  --sync

Draw the GUI synchronously

-T,  --template <name>

Use given template for new session

-v,  --version

Print version and exit

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to https://tracker.ardour.org
Website https://ardour.org

Referenced By

The man page ardour7(1) is an alias of ardour8(1).

July 2020 ardour 6