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arcrm - Man Page

delete files


The arcrm command deletes files on grid storage elements and indexing services.


arcrm [options] url [url ...]


-f,  --force

remove logical file name registration even if not all physical instances were removed

-P,  --listplugins

list the available plugins (protocols supported)

-t,  --timeout=seconds

timeout in seconds (default 20)

-z,  --conffile=filename

configuration file (default ~/.arc/client.conf)

-d,  --debug=debuglevel


-v,  --version

print version information

-?,  --help

print help


url [url ...]

the location(s) to delete

Extended Description

The arcrm command deletes files on grid storage elements and indexing services. In the case of an indexing service url all physical instances of  the file corresponding to the given locations are deleted and unregistered. If an indexing service url is given without locations,  all physical instances and all meta-information about file are deleted. For more information on ARC URL syntax please read "Protocols, Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and Extensions Supported in ARC" [NORDUGRID-TECH-7]

If url starts from '@', the remaining argument is assumed to be a path to a local file containing a list of URLs, one per line. In this case arcrm performs like it were called with all those URLs as arguments.

Depending on the installed libraries (check with -P ), the following protocols may be used: file  (file://  prefix  may  be omitted), http, https, httpg, ftp, gsiftp, srm, root.



Some options can be given default values by specifying them in the ARC client configuration file. By using the --conffile option a different configuration file can be used than the default.

Environment Variables


The location of the user's Grid proxy file. Shouldn't be set unless the proxy is in a non-standard location.


The location where ARC is installed can be specified by this variable. If not specified the install location will be determined from the path to the command being executed, and if this fails a WARNING will be given stating the location which will be used.


The location of ARC plugins can be specified by this variable. Multiple locations can be specified by separating them by : (; in Windows). The default location is $ARC_LOCATION/lib/arc (\ in Windows).


arcrm gsiftp://example.com/grid/file.dat


Lack of recursion is a feature.


ARC software is developed by the NorduGrid Collaboration  (http://www.nordugrid.org), please consult the AUTHORS file distributed with  ARC. Please report bugs and feature requests to http://bugzilla.nordugrid.org

See Also

arccp(1), arcls(1), arcmkdir(1), arcrename(1),

Referenced By

arccat(1), arcclean(1), arccp(1), arcget(1), arcinfo(1), arckill(1), arcls(1), arcmkdir(1), arcproxy(1), arcrename(1), arcrenew(1), arcresub(1), arcresume(1), arcstat(1), arcsub(1), arcsync(1), arctest(1).

2024-07-08 NorduGrid ARC 6.20.1 NorduGrid Users Manual