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arcplugin - Man Page

ARC plugin management utility


The arcplugin command prints description of ARC plugin or creates ARC Plugin Descriptor (APD) file.


arcplugin [-c] [-r] [-p priority,regex] [-h] plugin_path [plugin_path [...]]



Prints help message and exits.


If specified then APD file is created using same name as ARC plugin with suffix. replaced with .apd.


If specified operation is fully recursive.


Defines which priority to be assigned for each plugin.  Each plugin's kind and name attributes are matched  specified regex. One which matches gets specified  This option can be specified multiple times. Priority is 32 bit positive integer. Default value is 128.


full path to ARC plugin loadable module file or directory containing such modules. In last case operation will recurse once into that directory. For fully recursive  operation use -r.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to http://bugzilla.nordugrid.org


ARC software is developed by the NorduGrid Collaboration  (http://www.nordugrid.org), please consult the AUTHORS file distributed with  ARC. Please report bugs and feature requests to http://bugzilla.nordugrid.org


2024-07-08 NorduGrid ARC 6.20.1 NorduGrid Users Manual