arara - Man Page

a TeX automation tool based on rules and directives.


arara [options] documents...


arara is a TeX automation tool based on rules and directives. It gives you a way to enhance your TeX experience. The tool is an effort to provide a concise way to automate the daily TeX workflow for users and also package writers. Users might write their own rules when the provided ones do not suffice.

arara takes a list of documents as input. They will be processed according to their directives. Options apply to the execution of all documents.



Generate a log output.


Print or suppress command output.


Go through all the motions of running a command but with no actual calls.


Run in safe mode and disable potentially harmful features.


Extract directives only in the file header.


Set the file preamble as named based on the configuration file.


Sets an execution timeout for spawned processes.


Set the localization to the language specified by code.


Set the number > 0 of loops for looping directives.


Set the working directory for the whole execution.


Pass a property as key=value parameter into the application to be used within the session.


Show the version and exit.


Show a help message and exit.


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28 June 2022 v7.0.4