apptainer-verify - Man Page

Verify cryptographic signatures attached to an image


apptainer verify [verify options...]


The verify command allows a user to verify cryptographic signatures on SIF
 container files. There may be multiple signatures for data objects and
 multiple data objects signed. By default the command searches for the primary
 partition signature. If found, a list of all verification blocks applied on
 the primary partition is gathered so that data integrity (hashing) and
 signature verification is done for all those blocks.


-a, --all[=false] verify all objects

-g, --group-id=0 verify objects with the specified group ID

-h, --help[=false] help for verify

-j, --json[=false] output json

--legacy-insecure[=false] enable verification of (insecure) legacy signatures

-l, --local[=false] only verify with local key(s) in keyring

-i, --sif-id=0 verify object with the specified ID

-u, --url="" specify a URL for a key server


  $ apptainer verify container.sif

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The man page singularity-verify(1) is an alias of apptainer-verify(1).

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