apptainer-sif-add - Man Page

Add data object


apptainer sif add   [flags]


Add a data object to a SIF image.


--alignment=0 set alignment [default: 4096 with --datatype 4-Partition, 0 otherwise]

--datatype=0 the type of data to add [NEEDED, no default]:

1-Deffile,        2-EnvVar,        3-Labels,
 4-Partition,      5-Signature,     6-GenericJSON,
 7-Generic,        8-CryptoMessage, 9-SBOM,
 10-OCI.RootIndex, 11-OCI.Blob

--filename="" set logical filename/handle [default: input filename]

--groupid=0 set groupid [default: 0]

-h, --help[=false] help for add

--link=0 set link pointer [default: 0]

--partarch=0 the main architecture used (with --datatype 4-Partition) [NEEDED, no default]:

1-386,       2-amd64,     3-arm,
 4-arm64,     5-ppc64,     6-ppc64le,
 7-mips,      8-mipsle,    9-mips64,
 10-mips64le, 11-s390x,    12-riscv64

--partfs=0 the filesystem used (with --datatype 4-Partition) [NEEDED, no default]:

1-Squash,    2-Ext3,      3-ImmuObj,

--parttype=0 the type of partition (with --datatype 4-Partition) [NEEDED, no default]:

1-System,    2-PrimSys,   3-Data,

--sbomformat="" the SBOM format (with --datatype 9-sbom):

cyclonedx-json, cyclonedx-xml,  github-json,
 spdx-json,      spdx-rdf,       spdx-tag-value,
 spdx-yaml,      syft-json

--signentity="" the entity that signs (with --datatype 5-Signature) [NEEDED, no default]:

example: 433FE984155206BD962725E20E8713472A879943

--signhash=0 the signature hash used (with --datatype 5-Signature) [NEEDED, no default]:

1-SHA256,      2-SHA384,      3-SHA512,
 4-BLAKE2s_256, 5-BLAKE2b_256


sif add image.sif recipe.def --datatype 1
sif add image.sif rootfs.squashfs --datatype 4 --parttype 1 --partfs 1 --partarch 2
sif add image.sif signature.bin --datatype 5 --signentity 433FE984155206BD962725E20E8713472A879943 --signhash 1

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