apptainer-remote-login - Man Page

Login to an Apptainer remote endpoint, an OCI/Docker registry or a keyserver using credentials


apptainer remote login [login options...]


The 'remote login' command allows you to set credentials for a specific endpoint,
 an OCI/Docker registry or a keyserver.

If no endpoint or registry is specified, the command will login to the currently
 active remote endpoint.


-h, --help[=false] help for login

-i, --insecure[=false] allow insecure login

-p, --password="" password / token to authenticate with

--password-stdin[=false] take password from standard input

--tokenfile="" path to the file holding auth token for login (remote endpoints only)

-u, --username="" username to authenticate with (required for Docker/OCI registry login)


  To log in to an endpoint:
  $ apptainer remote login

  To login in to a docker/OCI registry:
  $ apptainer remote login --username foo docker://
  $ apptainer remote login --username foo oras://

  Note that many cloud OCI registries use token based authentication. The token
  should be specified as the password for login. A username is still required. E.g.
  when using a standard Azure identity and token to login to an ACR registry the
  username '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000' is required. Consult your provider
  documentation for detail of their login requirements.

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