apptainer-pull - Man Page

Pull an image from a URI


apptainer pull [pull options...] [output file]


The 'pull' command allows you to download or build a container from a given
 URI. Supported URIs include:

library: Pull an image from the currently configured library

docker: Pull a Docker/OCI image from Docker Hub, or another OCI registry.

shub: Pull an image from Singularity Hub

oras: Pull a SIF image from an OCI registry that supports ORAS.

http, https: Pull an image using the http(s?) protocol


--arch="amd64" architecture to pull from library

--arch-variant="" architecture variant to pull from library

--dir="" download images to the specific directory

--disable-cache[=false] do not use or create cached images/blobs

--docker-host="" specify a custom Docker daemon host

--docker-login[=false] login to a Docker Repository interactively

-F, --force[=false] overwrite an image file if it exists

-h, --help[=false] help for pull

--library="" download images from the provided library

--no-cleanup[=false] do NOT clean up bundle after failed build, can be helpful for debugging

--no-https[=false] use http instead of https for docker:// oras:// and library:///... URIs


  From a library
  $ apptainer pull alpine.sif library://alpine:latest

  From Docker
  $ apptainer pull tensorflow.sif docker://tensorflow/tensorflow:latest
  $ apptainer pull --arch arm --arch-variant 6 alpine.sif docker://alpine:latest

  From Shub
  $ apptainer pull apptainer-images.sif shub://vsoch/apptainer-images

  From supporting OCI registry (e.g. Azure Container Registry)
  $ apptainer pull image.sif oras://<username>

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