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apptainer-instance-stop - Man Page

Stop a named instance of a given container image


apptainer instance stop [stop options...] [instance]


The command apptainer instance stop allows you to stop and clean up a named,
 running instance of a given container image.


-a, --all[=false] stop all user's instances

-F, --force[=false] force kill instance

-h, --help[=false] help for stop

-s, --signal="" signal sent to the instance

-t, --timeout=10 force kill non stopped instances after X seconds

-u, --user="" if running as root, stop instances belonging to user


  $ apptainer instance start my-sql.sif mysql1
  $ apptainer instance start my-sql.sif mysql2
  $ apptainer instance stop mysql*
  Stopping mysql1 instance of my-sql.sif (PID=23845)
  Stopping mysql2 instance of my-sql.sif (PID=23858)

  $ apptainer instance start my-sql.sif mysql1

  Force instance to shutdown
  $ apptainer instance stop -f mysql1 (may corrupt data)

  Send SIGTERM to the instance
  $ apptainer instance stop -s SIGTERM mysql1
  $ apptainer instance stop -s TERM mysql1
  $ apptainer instance stop -s 15 mysql1

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