apptainer-cache-clean - Man Page

Clean your local Apptainer cache


apptainer cache clean [clean options...]


This will clean your local cache (stored at $HOME/.apptainer/cache if
 APPTAINER_CACHEDIR is not set). By default the entire cache is cleaned, use
 --days and --type flags to override this behavior. Note: if you use Apptainer
 as root, cache will be stored in '/root/.apptainer/.cache', to clean that
 cache, you will need to run 'cache clean' as root, or with 'sudo'.


-D, --days=0 remove all cache entries older than specified number of days

-n, --dry-run[=false] operate in dry run mode and do not actually clean the cache

-f, --force[=false] suppress any prompts and clean the cache

-h, --help[=false] help for clean

-T, --type=[all] a list of cache types to clean (possible values: library, oci, shub, blob, net, oras, all)


  All group commands have their own help output:

  $ apptainer help cache clean --days 30
  $ apptainer help cache clean --type=library,oci
  $ apptainer cache clean --help

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