apprise man page

apprise — Push Notifications that work with just about every platform!


apprise [options...] service-url...


Apprise allows you to send a notification to almost all of the most popular notification services available to us today such as: Discord, Telegram, Pushbullet, Slack, Twitter, etc.


The Apprise options are as follows:

-b, --body=TEXT

Specify the message body. If no body is specified then content is read from stdin.

-t, --title=TEXT

Specify the message title. This field is complete optional.

-c, --config=CONFIG-URL

Specify one or more configuration locations.

-a, --attach=ATTACH-URL

Specify one or more file attachment locations.

-n, --notification-type=TYPE

Specify the message type (default=info). Possible values are "info", "success", "failure", and "warning".

-T, --theme=THEME

Specify the default theme.

-g, --tag=TAG

Specify one or more tags to filter which services to notify. Use multiple --tag (-g) entries to OR the tags together and comma separated to AND them. If no tags are specified then all services are notified.

-d, --dry-run

Perform a trial run but only prints the notification services to-be triggered to stdout. Notifications are never sent using this mode.

-v, --verbose

The more of these you specify, the more verbose the output is.

-V, --version

Display the apprise version and exit.


Show this message and exit.

Exit Status

apprise exits with a status 0 if all notifications were sent successfully otherwise apprise returns a value of 1.

apprise exits with a status of 2 if there were no notifcations sent due (as a result of end user actions). This occurs in the case where you have assigned one or more tags to all of the Apprise URLs being notified and did not match any when actually executing the apprise tool. This can also occur if you specified a tag that has not been assigned to anything defined in your configuration.

Service Urls

There are to many service URL and combinations to list here. It´s best to visit the Apprise GitHub page and see what´s available.


Send a notification to as many servers as you want to specify as you can easily chain them together:

$ apprise -t ´my title´ -b ´my notification body´ \
   ´mailto://´ \

If you don´t specify a --body (-b) then stdin is used allowing you to use the tool as part of your every day administration:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | apprise -t ´cpu info´ \

Load in a configuration file which identifies all of your notification service URLs and notify them all:

$ apprise -t ´my title´ -b ´my notification body´ \

Load in a configuration file from a remote server that identifies all of your notification service URLs and only notify the ones tagged as devops.

$ apprise -t ´my title´ -b ´my notification body´ \
   --config=https://localhost/my/apprise/config \
   -t devops

Include an attachment:

$ apprise -t ´School Assignment´ -b ´See attached´ \


Apprise is written in Python with 100% test coverage; but it still makes it far from perfect since the notification services it talks to change all the time. If you find any bugs, please make them known at:


January 2020