anxrip man page

anxrip — Extract annotations and data tracks from annodexed media


anxrip [-c | --cmml ] [--head ] [-g | --granulerate ] [-m | --media ] [-o filename | --output filename ] [-h | --help ] filename


anxrip extracts annotations and data tracks from annodexed media. The default behavior of anxrip is to extract annotations in the form of a valid CMML file.


anxrip accepts the following options:

CMML generation options

-c, --cmml
Extract annotations as a valid CMML file (default)
Extract only the CMML head element
-g, --granulerate
Include information about media granulerates

Data track options

-m, --media
Extract media from annodexed media

Miscellaneous options

-o filename, --output filename
Write output to the specified filename instead of printing it to standard output.
-h, --help
Display usage information and exit.


Conrad Parker November 15, 2003;

See Also

anxgrep(1) anxinfo(1) anxenc(1)

More information is available at (link to URL

Referenced By

anxgrep(1), anxinfo(1).