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antlr4 - Man Page

Parser generator (ANother Tool for Language Recognition)


ANTLR Parser Generator  Version 4.13.1

-o ___

specify output directory where all output is generated

-lib ___

specify location of grammars, tokens files


generate rule augmented transition network diagrams

-encoding ___

specify grammar file encoding; e.g., euc-jp

-message-format ___ specify output style for messages in antlr, gnu, vs2005


show exception details when available for errors and warnings


generate parse tree listener (default)


don't generate parse tree listener


generate parse tree visitor


don't generate parse tree visitor (default)

-package ___

specify a package/namespace for the generated code


generate file dependencies


set/override a grammar-level option


treat warnings as errors


launch StringTemplate visualizer on generated code


wait for STViz to close before continuing


use the ATN simulator for all predictions


dump lots of logging info to antlr-timestamp.log


all output goes into -o dir regardless of paths/package


July 2024 antlr4 4.13.1