ansible-galaxy - Man Page

Perform various Role and Collection related operations.

Examples (TL;DR)


usage: ansible-galaxy [-h] [--version] [-v] TYPE ...


Command to manage Ansible roles and collections.

None of the CLI tools are designed to run concurrently with themselves. Use an external scheduler and/or locking to ensure there are no clashing operations.

Common Options


show program's version number, config file location, configured module search path, module location, executable location and exit

-h,  --help

show this help message and exit

-v,  --verbose

Causes Ansible to print more debug messages. Adding multiple -v will increase the verbosity, the builtin plugins currently evaluate up to -vvvvvv. A reasonable level to start is -vvv, connection debugging might require -vvvv.



Perform the action on an Ansible Galaxy collection. Must be combined with a further action like init/install as listed below.


Perform the action on an Ansible Galaxy role. Must be combined with a further action like delete/install/init as listed below.


The following environment variables may be specified.

ANSIBLE_CONFIG -- Specify override location for the ansible config file

Many more are available for most options in ansible.cfg

For a full list check or use the ansible-config command.


/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg -- Config file, used if present

~/.ansible.cfg -- User config file, overrides the default config if present

./ansible.cfg -- Local config file (in current working directory) assumed to be 'project specific' and overrides the rest if present.

As mentioned above, the ANSIBLE_CONFIG environment variable will override all others.


Ansible was originally written by Michael DeHaan.

See Also

ansible (1), ansible-config (1), ansible-console (1), ansible-doc (1), ansible-inventory (1), ansible-playbook (1), ansible-pull (1), ansible-vault (1)

Extensive documentation is available in the documentation site: <>. IRC and mailing list info can be found in file, available in: <>


Ansible 2.15.0 System administration commands