ansible-doc man page

ansible-doc — show documentation on Ansible modules


ansible-doc [-M module_path] [-l] [-s] [module...]


ansible-doc displays information on modules installed in Ansible libraries. It displays a terse listing of modules and their short descriptions, provides a printout of their DOCUMENTATION strings, and it can create a short "snippet" which can be pasted into a playbook.



the DIRECTORY search path to load modules from. The default is /usr/share/ansible. This can also be set with the ANSIBLE_LIBRARY environment variable.

-s, --snippet=

Produce a snippet which can be copied into a playbook for modification, like a kind of task template.

-l, --list=

Produce a terse listing of modules and a short description of each.


ANSIBLE_LIBRARY — Override the default ansible module library path


/usr/share/ansible/ — Default module library

/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg — Config file, used if present

~/.ansible.cfg — User config file, overrides the default config if present


ansible-doc was originally written by Jan-Piet Mens. See the AUTHORS file for a complete list of contributors.

See Also

ansible-playbook(1), ansible(1), ansible-pull(1), ansible-vault(1), ansible-galaxy(1)

Extensive documentation is available in the documentation site: IRC and mailing list info can be found in file, available in:

Referenced By

ansible(1), ansible-console(1), ansible-galaxy(1), ansible-playbook(1), ansible-pull(1), ansible-vault(1).

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