ansi2html man page

ansi2html — Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML


ansi2html [Options] [--inline] [--partial]


Tool to convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML.


-p, --partial
Process lines as them come in. No headers are produced.
-i, --inline
Inline style without headers or template.
-H, --headers
Just produce the "<style>" tag.
-f SIZE, --font-size=SIZE
Set the global font size in the output.
-l, --light-background
Set output to "light background" mode.
-a, --linkify
Transform URLs into "<a>" links.
-u, --unescape
Do not escape XML tags found in the input.
-m, --markup-lines
Surround lines with "<span id='line-n'>..</span>".
Specify input encoding.
Specify output encoding.
-h, --help
Show this help message and exit.
Show program’s version number and exit.


$ ls --color=always | ansi2html > directories.html

$ sudo tail /var/log/messages | ccze -A | ansi2html > logs.html

$ task burndown | ansi2html > burndown.html



· Ralph Bean <>

· Sebastian Pipping <>

Referenced By

python3-ansi2html(1) is an alias of ansi2html(1).

03/02/2016 ansi2html 1.1.1 ansi2html Manual