alevt-date - Man Page

display/set time received via Teletext


alevt-date [options]


alevt-date displays the time received from a Teletext source.  It can be used to set the system time.  The date is not interpreted (not even transmitted on most channels).  So it allows only adjustment of +/-12 hours. The default allowed adjustment is limited to +/-2 hours (use -delta to change).  Without the -set option it just displays the date in the format of the date(1) command.


A summary of options is included below.


Set system time from time received via Teletext.

-delta seconds

Maximum allowed adjustment made to the system time.  The default is 7200 seconds (2 hours) and the maximum that may be given is 12 hours.

-format string

Format string to used to print the time.  Look at strftime(3) for possible control sequences.

-vbi device

Use the given device name (default: /dev/vbi0).

-timeout seconds

If the time can't be detected in seconds, the program is terminated with a SIGALRM.


Show summary of options.


Show version of program.

Before starting this program, you have to set the TV channel with another program like xawtv of set-tv.

Note: This program does not set the battery backed up clock of your computer. clock -w will do this.



See Also

alevt(1x), alevt-cap(1), strftime(3), date(1), clock(8).


This program is just a toy.  The time transmitted by the TV stations is more than inaccurate.  Some are within a few seconds of your local time reference but others are more then 15 minutes off.  You've been warned. (And don't assume the pkt8/30 time is better.  It's even worse.)

No bug reports to <> *g*.

Referenced By

alevt.1x(1), alevt-cap(1).

1.6.2 LINUX Teletext time