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alcc - Man Page

text based eD2k links calculator for aMule


alcc [-p] [-v] <inputfiles_list>

alcc [-h]


Compute the eD2k links of all the input files given in the <inputfiles_list> (There can be one or more files).

[ -p,  --parthashes ]

Compute and add part hashes to the computed eD2k links.

[ -h,  --help ]

Prints a short usage description.

[ -v,  --verbose ]

Be verbose - show also calculation steps.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs either on our forum (http://forum.amule.org/), or in our bugtracker (http://bugs.amule.org/). Please do not report bugs in e-mail, neither to our mailing list nor directly to any team member.

See Also

alc(1), amuled(1), amulecmd(1), amuleweb(1), cas(1), ed2k(1), wxcas(1), xas(1)


This manpage was written by Vollstrecker <amule@vollstreckernet.de>

Referenced By

alc(1), amule(1), amuled(1), amulegui(1).

September 2016 aMule eD2k links calculator aMule utilities