afpgetstatus man page

afpgetstatus — Get simple status information from an AFP server without logging into it.


afpgetstatus [afp_url|ipaddress[:port]]R


afpcmd is a command-line tool that parses and prints the status information of an AFP server.  It does this without having to login to a server.  

It is a response to the DSI GetStatus request (which is the same as the AFP FPGetSrvrInfo).

It only handles IPv4 addresses.


afp_url an AFP url in the form of afp://servername:port/.  Any other AFP url fields (username, volume name, etc) are ignored.

ipaddress the IP address of the server

port the TCP port to connect to (optional)

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to the mailing list.

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4 Feb 2008 0.8 afpfs-ng