admsCheck man page

admsCheck — Test Program for admsXml


admsCheck creates two files: dummy.xml. These two files illustrate how program admsXml works. is an example of Verilog-AMS file. dummy.xml is a control file used by admsXml to convert file into file More specifically running 'admsXml -e dummy.xml' creates file The contents of file is entirely controlled by the instructions provided in file dummy.xml.

Files dummy Verilog-AMS file created by admsCheck. dummy.xml: dummy xml file created by admsCheck. file created by admsXml.


There is no options for this program.


The latest version of admsCheck can always be obtained from

Reporting Bugs

Known bugs are documented within the BUGS file. Report bugs to <>.


Written by Laurent Lemaitre <>.


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