admsCheck man page

admsCheck — Test Program for admsXml


admsCheck creates two files: dummy.va dummy.xml. These two files illustrate how program admsXml works. dummy.va is an example of Verilog-AMS file. dummy.xml is a control file used by admsXml to convert file dummy.va into file dummy.net. More specifically running 'admsXml -e dummy.xml dummy.va' creates file dummy.net. The contents of file dummy.net is entirely controlled by the instructions provided in file dummy.xml.


dummy.va: dummy Verilog-AMS file created by admsCheck. dummy.xml: dummy xml file created by admsCheck. dummy.net: file created by admsXml.


There is no options for this program.


The latest version of admsCheck can always be obtained from mot-adms.sourceforge.net

Reporting Bugs

Known bugs are documented within the BUGS file. Report bugs to <r29173@users.sourceforge.net>.


Written by Laurent Lemaitre <r29173@users.sourceforge.net>.


September 2008