acq2hdf5 - Man Page

manual page for acq2hdf5 3.0.1


Convert an AcqKnowledge file to an HDF5 file.


acq2hdf5 [options] <acq_file> <hdf5_file> acq2hdf5 -h | --help acq2hdf5 --version



Save raw measurement values, stored as integers in the base file, as either 'raw' or 'scaled'. If stored as raw, you can convert to scaled using the scale and offset attributes on the channel. If storing scaled values, scale and offset will be 1 and 0. [default: scaled]


How to compress data. Options are gzip, lzf, none. [default: gzip]


Only save data and required headers -- do not save journal or marker information.

-v, ā€‰--verbose

Print extra messages for debugging.


January 2024 acq2hdf5 3.0.1