accel-config-create-mdev - Man Page

create mdev to enabled workqueues of devices. A uuid is generated which is associated with the mdev and will be stored in /sys/class/mdev_bus under the device pcie bdf id. Creation of mdevs require enabled workqueues. For mdevs of the shared type, at least one shared mode workqueue needs to be enabled. Each dedicated type mdev require one dedicated mode workqueue to be enabled. Creation of dedicated type mdevs would set the state of workqueue used as "locked". Creation of shared type mdevs do not alter the state of workqueues.


accel-config create-mdev <device-name> [<mdev-type>|<options>]


accel-config create-mdev dsa0 1dwq

accel-config create-mdev dsa0 -l

.ft C
Available mdev types:


-l, ā€‰--list-mdev-types

list the available mdev types


12/22/2021 accfg 3.4.4 accfg Manual