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accel-config-config-user-default - Man Page

load a pre-defined user default configuration


accel-config config-user-default [<options>]

Without an option, config-user-default loads a pre-defined user default configuration.

There is a config file template at contrib/configs/user_default_profile.conf. Run "accel-config config-user-default -c user_default_profile.conf" to configure all available devices with the template values. Any modifications to the template file should retain the json format.


# accel-config config-user-default

The command will load the pre-defined user default config to all available WQs and engines on all available DSA and IAX devices with the following attributes: All WQs and all engines are in group 0

WQ attributes:
priority: 1
group_id: 0
block_on_fault: 1
ats_disable: 0
prs_disable: 1
mode: "shared"
type: "user"
name: "user_default_wq"
driver_name: "user"
size: max WQ size / max WQs
threshold: size
max_transfer_size: default value
max_batch_size: default value on DSA. N/A on IAX
op_config: default value
Attributes of all devices and groups are default values.

# accel-config config-user-default -c /etc/accel-config/contrib/configs/user_default_profile.conf

The command will load the specified user default config file. The config file is a template that specifies attributes and devices. User can edit the config file per requirements.

# accel-config config-user-default -d -n <wq_name> The command will disable all WQs named <wq_name> (default name is "user_default_wq").


-c,  --config-file

to specify the location of the customized user default config file

-n,  --name

to specify WQ name which will be used to disable enabled WQs

-d,  --disable

to disable the configured devices and wqs

-v,  --verbose



03/05/2024 accfg 4.1.6 accfg Manual