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accel-config - Man Page

configure and control DSA(data streaminng accelerator) subsystem devices


accel-config [--list-cmds] [--version] [--help] [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]


-v,  --version

Display accel-config version.

-h,  --help

Displays help information on commands.


List available accel-config commands.


accel-config provides ability to display the accelerator’s state presented by the Linux driver via sysfs, configure the device via sysfs, and saving and loading the configuration.

See Also

accel-config enable-wq(1), accel-config disable-wq(1), accel-config enable-device(1), accel-config disable-device(1), accel-config load-config(1), accel-config save-config(1), accel-config list(1), accel-config config-device(1), accel-config config-group(1), accel-config config-wq(1), accel-config config-engine(1), accel-config config-user-default(1),


03/05/2024 accfg 4.1.6 accfg Manual